Trump Impeachment March-Detroit


On July 2, 2017 a crowd of people stood in the shadow of Detroit’s Joe Louis Fist, raising fists of their own in protest of President Donald J. Trump. About 40 people were in attendance, coming together to march against the sexism, bigotry, and lies of the 45th president of the United States.

DSC_0030 (2)

The event was a part of a national initiative to impeach Trump with 46 other protests happening around the country.


Ahmed Ghanim, an Egyptian immigrant, was one of the key speakers at the event.

He expressed how grateful he is to be in the U.S., where he is freely given the right to vote and protest. He fears the current president wants to abolish those rights for immigrants like him.

“The most dangerous thing to democracy here is normalizing what’s wrong. That’s how we’re raised under a dictatorship…to normalize what’s wrong,” said Ghanim.

DSC_0012 (2)

DSC_0018 (2)

Among the crowd were volunteers with “Voters Not Politicians,” an anti-gerrymandering advocacy group. They had protestors fill out a petitions to make a committee to oversee redistricting in Michigan. They also handed out flyers like the one below that shows how districts are currently drawn to favor parties.


Following the speeches, demonstrators marched down Woodward and around Campus Martius, chanting “2, 4, 6, 8! Time to do away with hate!” and “Hey hey, ho ho—Donald Trump has got to go!”

DSC_0034 (2)

Although the turnout didn’t match the 900+ “interested” on Facebook, a fire of activism stirred the hearts of those present. I felt it, especially as I passed bewildered bystanders who blinked in confusion before realizing why we were marching. It felt good to break out my “pussy hat.” It felt good to see knowing smiles and nods as our little parade processed down the street. The fire is knowledge, which can build or destroy– and I, for one, want to build a better world with it. We must continue to hold up the torch to remind this dark world that something is very wrong with our nation.

If you missed this protest, don’t worry. The Metro Detroit Political Action Network has scheduled another Impeach Trump protest on Saturday, July 15th at 1pm at the Joe Louis Fist. Don’t miss it!

DSC_0014 (2)



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